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Why North Korea?

Asks our founding missionary.

The seclusion and secrecy, the torture and execution, unimaginable injustice and oppression… sexual slavery of helpless North Korean women and abandonment of children… forced labour and stripping of all rights of a normal citizen… forced idolatry of the dear leader… a nation where concentration camps still exist to this day… a land where God and the Bible are banned … where prayer is taboo and mentioning the name of Christ a crime.

Why North Korea? I remember so vividly the first time I stood right by the Yalu river watching from a distance the people of North Korea. Their tiny hands waved weakly and their pleading eyes were gazing on me while I stood half frozen inside the boat sailing along the longest river separating China and North Korea. It was nearly the end of autumn and the bitter cold winter in this part of the world was fast approaching.

How can I forget… will I ever forget the horrors of what I saw? Things not permitted for human mind to even imagine. I felt as though I wanted to shout at the top of my voice for the people in front of me crying and pleading silently… My prayers were… Lord, will you help me not to forget? Those silent cries were still loud and clear echoing in my heart, rendering it broken many times. When you see the things that break God’s heart, you have to be prepared to have your heart broken… Not just once but over and over again.

The injustice in North Korea is a loud cry from above. I can sense the protest of heaven every time I see this land.

But through the death of Jesus on the cross and the shedding of His blood, His own righteousness imputed on us we are now more than capable to administer justice on earth. This faith that we have as we start to discover and know God has the potential to change and turn around the situation in North Korea and all the nations under great oppression. In Hebrew 11:33, our great heroes of faith showed us that through faith, we can subdue kingdoms, administer justice and obtained promised blessings. We are no different than them. We have the same God. The God of Elijah and the God of Moses who is a great deliverer of Israel at the time of their oppression in Egypt was the same God we have. The salvation, vindication and deliverance of North Koreans have already been given to us. The finished work of Christ on the cross is a testimony to all the victories we can gain if only we reclaim the nations for Him. He has given us all the nations to occupy and the keys of the kingdom have been given to us! It is time for the church to rise up and take all the nations by force through faith in the redemption of Christ.

“The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Benjamin Franklin

Why North Korea? North Korea has the loudest yet the most silent cry of injustice on earth… Loudest yet silent because it has been silenced. The wickedness and atrocity in this nation is so great, it reaches its peak.

In this day and age, if we allow another Hitler to create and continue to expand his evil regime… how can we answer when one day North Korea opens up and the whole world is shocked as they behold the horrors of concentration and torture camps, the dead bodies lying everywhere, millions who are starved and close to death due to hunger?

I came one day and I saw… I looked on and watched what was happening. I choose not to forget, I do not want to just stand here and do nothing. I am only one… but still I am one… and because I am one, I will not refuse to do the one thing  that I can do… and maybe more beyond what is in my power to do by getting others involved… by telling them about what I've seen and heard.

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