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Sanith Kem
God's workers in the villages-
Sinal, Both and Chantu

Our partner Pastor Sanith along with Pastor Both have a particular heart for the children of Cambodia. They reach out to the children in rural areas and train teachers who will continue to disciple and nurture them to grow in the Lord. During the time of the Kramer Rouge, the regime used children, trained them from their young age to be the killers who would follow the wishes of the cruel regime that has led to an unforgettable genocide in Cambodia. This is clearly and sadly remembered when one visits the killing fields in Phnom Phen. We also initiated a livelihood programme to help the village pastors and their families build a sustainable source of income in the community where God called them to serve. NK&Beyond funded the purchase of cows, pigs, chickens and goats and help with their farming in order to establish a means of livelihood for the pastor’s families.

Our pastors who are working tirelessly in this region are committed to bringing Christ among the unreached villages in Cambodia through educating children about the Gospel and teaching them bible stories. They regularly train children's workers and support them  to reach out to as many children in the remote areas as possible.


NK&Beyond helps facilitate the children's programmes through financial assistance and prayer support. We also help by visiting them regularly and encouraging them to continue with their labour of love for these children.


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